Monday, February 22, 2021

Time for Cruz and Cuomo to Go

Two of the most despicable elected officials—Texas U.S. senator Ted Cruz and New York governor Andrew Cuomo—should be driven out of office for their offensive (and, in Cuomo’s case, criminal) conduct.

Cruz needs to go for abandoning his Texas constituents, who have been suffering for days with an uncommon crisis that has millions in the state suffering from a snowstorm that has been disastrous for their power grid. This includes not only electricity but also heat and water. What Cruz opted to do was go on vacation with his children to Cancun, Mexico.

Cuomo needs to be gone for his role in concealing the data records on senior COVID–19 patients in nursing homes. Many of them were sent into those nursing homes along with those other patients who did not have COVID–19. Cuomo threatened New York assemblyman Ron Kim to help with the coverup.

These two are examples of how the U.S. has no shortage of incompetent and possibly psychopathic or sociopathic elected officials. 

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