Monday, March 1, 2021

New ‘Recommendations’

Two years ago, on March 1, 2019, I revised the look of Progressives Chat. (Link: Considering a Change.)

On this blog’s date, here in 2021, I am revising the “Recommendations.”

#ForceTheVote made me realize some I had previously recommended—The Humanist Report (with Mike Figueredo), The Rational National (with David Doel), and The Tim Black Show—should go.

Among those “New”-ly welcomed are Bad Faith (with Briahna Joy Gray) and The Dive with Jackson Hinkle.

Since I had regretfully neglected “Recommendations,” for some time, I had to update others highly recommended like Glenn Greenwald, Katie Halper, and Chris Hedges. This also includes Hard Lens Media. (For some time, it was HLM. It has since returned to its better-known name.) Paul Jay, formerly with The Real News, is also included with his theAnalysis-news. In the case of Halper, I am linking her YouTube channel, under her name, but not the one for Rolling Stone, on which she co-hosts with Matt Taibbi. (That publication, in general, is not worthy of “Recommendations.”)

I have included both the published video and website links to The Grayzone (with Max Blumenthal and his wife Anya Parampil as well as Ben Norton and Aaron Maté).

Some true progressives have jumped around in recent years to a point in which I decided to not make a point of keeping up. No disrespect. So the likes of Walker Bragman and David Sirota are no longer listed. Last I recall, I think Bragman may be with Jacobin. (That site also includes The Young Turks’s Ana Kasparian—and so that is enough for me to not provide a link to that site.) And Sirota has been a regular contributing guest on The Hill’s Rising.

I sense readers of Progressives Chat get around—or get around enough.

Hopefully, the “New ‘Recommendations’” list will be satisfying enough for the time being.

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