Monday, April 12, 2021

‘Georgia and the GOP’ … ‘AOC and the Dems’

Recent news items call for me to respond in this blog topic.

Georgia and the GOP

The Republicans in Georgia—with its governor Brian Kemp—want to stop the Democrats from being able to continue to win Georgia. 

In his 2020 Democratic pickup of the presidency of the United States, Joe Biden unseated Republican incumbent Donald Trump with among his pickups Georgia. 

It was the first time since 1992—also an election in which a Democratic challenger unseated a Republican incumbent U.S. president—that the Democrats carried Georgia. 

So, the Republicans want to stop their bleeding. That is what Brian Kemp and the Georgia GOP are trying to achieve. 

They won’t succeed. 

Since 1968, every U.S. presidential election which delivered a party switch—from Democratic to Republican or from Republican to Democratic—saw a given state realign to the party which won it over and, from that point forward, has not carried for the party which lost it. I touched on this in a previous blog topic. And I think the 2020 Democratic pickups from two states and a congressional district—this would be Arizona and Georgia (as well as Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District)—are applicable. 

The post-2020 Georgia GOP are foolish with this effort.

AOC and the Dems

The last week—maybe two weeks (not exactly sure)—have seen U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez (D–New York #14) expose herself as a sellout. 

#ForceTheVote—going back to December 2020—is when people finally looked to AOC, and her fellow “Squad” members, as fake. 

I am remembering, after she unseated Joe Crowley in the 2018 Democratic primaries, that Jared Beck—the plaintiff attorney in the DNC lawsuit—was tweeting that Ocasio–Cortez was not real. By then, Beck had given up on the Democrats—saying they are criminals—and summarized people’s belief in Ocasio–Cortez, and anyone affiliated with the Democrats, as naive. 

I give credit to Jared Beck. He has earned it. For me—I haven’t voted for a Democrat in a general election since 2014. The DNC rigging the 2016 primaries, Barack Obama orchestrating Joe Biden’s 2020 nomination, and the other rigged elections in between (like the 2017 California Democratic chairperson election) have done nothing but strengthen my resolve to not vote again in a general election for Team Blue.

At this point, the role Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez has is to continue to try to lure people—especially young people—to vote in general elections for the Democratic Party.

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